Monday, February 22, 2016

Mosaic Ponzo Updates for SPY, VIX and TLT.....BEWARE!!!!!!. 02.22.16

I'm sorry to report that the imminent market collapse scenario we saw on the VIX forecast 2 weeks ago and which disappeared last week is now back. What could trigger such a crash?  Well, that's the problem with forecasting the markets. While the probability of such a crash remains low its worth keeping it in the back of your mind.  And, if such a drop does occur it will probably do so quickly on huge volume so keeping an eye on current support levels (SPY 190) is a must and being willing to cut bait if those levels are violated may avert some real pain.
On the other hand, (there's always one of those) the TLT forecast's highest odds scenario (lowest error %) is a modest, steady and short term correction...which should bode well for the bulls..
Next week ushers in the new first day of the month and the possibility for a bullish surge.