Saturday, December 17, 2016

VDX Updates and Trader's Outlook...12.17.16

This week's VDX updates have our little focus group in neutral status.  Somewhat unusual. the VDI + and - signals are all at cross over status = big move ahead.,The general market consensus is for a narrow range low volatility VIX with DIA likely hitting 20K before any meaningful pullback.
We're still seeing buy the dip accumulation behavior typical of this time of year and some modest sector rotation into health care.
The financial stocks are demonstrating selective buying and selling as the composite XLF financials sector has flatlined.   TLT is is still struggling to get some traction as the downdraft from massive overseas treasuries selling and the FED's rate hike may produce yet another leg down.
The Trader's Outlook has a mixed signal going forward with a slight bearish bias.