Monday, July 23, 2012

S 7.23.12 Lite

Mosaic subscribers have been alerted that the S portfolio allocations have adjusted as of today's Open and one ETF has been cut to 0% at least for the short term. We continue to refine the graphics and data fields based on user input and the final version of the Newsletter is expected Thursday.
The S model is in a HOLD mode based on impending tops in the SpreadX and TrendX and the current top in the NAV equity curve.  The RM (Risk Managed) version remains ON.
The new allocations were designed to enhance returns of the basic Mosaic model.  In coming weeks our attention will focus on enhancing the RM model returns.
These are really studies in risk aversion engineering using a semi-fixed portfolio....designed to minimize transaction costs and maintenance anxiety and still deliver an S&P500 or better APR...without the drawdown.