Thursday, January 8, 2015

Follow Through...01.08.15

The markets continue to run up and have now gone from oversold to almost overbought in 2 days, Keep in mind the caveat of Friday's negative bias as we look for a tradable trend.
Here's a look at SPY, XIV and VXX on 90 day charts and we can see that XIV has really failed to perform in the Beta+ manner we have witnessed in the past.  This lack of SPY/XIV correlation tends to create suspicion about any new XIV longs until that correlation is re=established.

Also note below a new free access tab that will be added to the Mosaic M3 site....the 7 AM BUZZ, a quick snapshot of M3 component dynamics and the NYAD as of 7 AM PST each day....just a little thumbnail reference to set the pace for the upcoming day's action.