Monday, January 5, 2015

From Bad to Worse....1.05.15

So much for Friday's bullish close. The VIXEN's jaws opened wide today (see below) and XIV dropped over 7%...once again resolving to the downside.
Per the TrendX on the right side panel the potential for further downside is looming and the bearish version of the Ponzo Time Machine could be upon us for a bit.
We have a new version of M3 for 2015 as a result of 10 hours of work this weekend with a friend's programming assistance to backtest various risk parameters.  M3 is now substantially improved from a risk standpoint (total 6 month drawdown cut to less than 7%) and I'll post today's M3 update on Wednesday on the M3 site.
We'll also take a look at "paradigm shift" later this week... a concept I've mentioned often and which is critical in assessing forward looking risk.