Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Model on Monday.....02.05.15

Thanks for taking the user survey...the results are almost unanimous with all but one user favoring LM and M3+.
As as result, starting Monday the new models will be posted and, in lieu of the morning BUZZ, there will be an overnight update on the LM and M3+ signals for the next day at 6:50 +/- AM PST just to set the tone for the day.  There will still be the 12:45 PM update before the close.
M3+ reflects considerable research and the momentum algorithms are more refined and risk tuned than the M3 version. Given the risk environment that is likely to prevail in the coming months this model should help keep us on the right side of the volatility markets.
A new M3 password will be emailed out this weekend.

Here are a few more details on M3+....... the results with and without the limit stops.
The stops have fired 12 times in the past 6 months
First, with no stops....

Then with limit stops.