Monday, January 11, 2016

Selecting the Best Odds Paradigm....01.11.16

I keep talking about finding the current best odds paradigm...momentum, short term momentum, mean reversion or delta neutral.
Here's a little study of QQQ showing the current performance status using short term momentum and mean reversion modes.
We look at the 30 day equity curve to help determine out best odds going forward.  This is the equity curve of the model signals, not the the equity curve of the QQQ benchmark buy and hold.
Then we look at the 2 DAY ALERT and the TrendX charts which also relate to the M signal results, not the raw unstopped behavior of QQQ.
If all 3 of these charts show positive slope and the M Equity chart RSQ and P6 are rising then the odds favor continuing in that paradigm mode.
On the other hand,,,,if these 3 performance tracking charts are downslope or neutral then the odds are that mode is not a good choice at the present time.
Side note>  the new M1 platform will be emailed to current M3 users Tuesday after the market close.