Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Current TLT Signals and Some Heavy Reading....01.17.17...

The current Treasuries situation is highly fluid with massive short interest being played against a rising tide of hesitation for a Spring rally.... as seen in today's 2% swoon in the financials...the sector that most market "gurus" agree is the one most likely to thrive in 2017.'  
Einhorn also offers some selective investing perspectives for 2017 with compelling arguments.
TLT..one of our favorite trading ETFs is once again on a roll with the MVP platform set to the mean reversion mode.  Note the performance metrics between the momentum and mean reversion modes as well as the relative positions of the 2 Day Alert in each case..
Following up on several reader queries...the 2 Day Alert has NO relation to price...it is a metric measuring the performance of recent MVP signals and is intended to detect and confirm alignment with the current trading paradigm.
These are the Alert active models..meaning signals are ONLY taken if the 2 Day Alert STOP line is above the Trend line.