Thursday, December 13, 2012

T2 Bonds Only and VTV View...12.13.12

Based on reader feedback the ultra low drawdown models have gained a following.  Here's another one featuring a 5 ETF portfolio of bonds only and no need for following the Momentum rankings.. just hold all 5.  Note that the benchmark is TLT, not SPY.  I've made a few additional tweaks to the T2 program in the past few days and version 3 will be sent out this weekend.

In the big picture the markets continue to seek a new trend.  The chop is evident in the VTV rankings as seen below and mentioned yesterday.  While the XIV - VXX spread remains intact the collapse of QQQ and SH to slots 3 and 4 negates the opportunity for any short term trades (Long QQQ).  As of 90 minutes in today's market session both the Qs and SH are green while XIV has turned red.  The odds for a fiscal cliff solution seem remore at this point and Friday may be an ugly day if current bear sentiment prevails.