Saturday, December 8, 2012

T2 Update...12.8.12

T2 remains in a stopped mode.  The version shown above is a partial view of the T2 software that will be emailed to all subscribers requesting it per the earlier ETFMosaic revised subscription notice.  A VTV option 8 revenue button has been added to the ETFMosaic homesite and that software module is also ready to go for those wishing to purchase.

Apple (20% of the NAZ100) continues to drag down the Qs and produced the odd situation Friday where both QQQ and TLT were red.  The Momentum rankings have detected this weakness and have stuck with XLP and IWM as top ranked slots since 11.30.12  Considering the underlying chop in the markets this is a tenuous ranking going into next week.  The equity markets are technically overbought and with more and more market prognosticators predicting that a substantive fiscal cliff solution will not be reached any time soon the gloom and doom sayers may drive the markets down ahead of the holidays. Watch out for any short covering rallies before getting too negative. 

The updated VTV ranking with the optimum XIV/VXX spread but QQQ and SH are not in the # 2 and #5 slot,s reflecting continued instability in the markets.The rankings on 12.5 were truly strange with QQQ most closely aligned with SH than Apple phenomenon.