Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More on the QQQ (XLK) / XLF Skew...7.24.13

Here's a link to more details on the "soggy bottom" setup I mentioned previously .
The bzbtrader post relates relates to 2 minute bars but the pattern can be seen in virtually any time frame, including daily bars.

For a closer look at the relationship between QQQ (or XLK) and XLF I have posted this current overlay chart based on 130 minute bars...or 3 bars per day.    XLF is shown as the white line.  The 2 cyan colored lines are 8 bar moving averages of the high and the low prices for QQQ.
For shorter term traders this is an easy way to see exactly how momentum plays out on a daily basis...the opening 2 hours, midday and the closing 2 hours.  We can also see if early momentum carried through or if there was a reversal of trend.

In contrast to last week's divergence we now note that there is currently a converging correlation between QQQ and XLF... a correlation that has improved substantially in the past few days and will likely show more improvement at today's close based on the almost 6 % pop in Apple after an upbeat earning report.