Thursday, July 18, 2013

SA Model Shows Slight Edge...7.18.13

Looking at today's clsing prices in the SA (Seeking Alpha) model confirms that the all in original portfolio can be improved by using a top 2 sort approach.
The 1 and 2 year returns can actually be improved significantly by using a top 1 sort although it is recommended that in order to accomplish these returns a daily rotational strategy be followed in lieu of our default weekly trading model.  This more frequent trading model may incur substantially higher commission costs than weekly trading and should be carefully considered before undertaking.
On both the 2 year and 4 month charts the SA top 2 sort model is bullish. 
Watch the P6 slope.

On the SPY TrendX in the right panel we are once again at an overhead resistance level and a breakthrough of that level would be significant.

Meanwhile, as predicted by the T2 indicators, XLF is running hot based on stellar earnings reports from the big 4, C, JPM, WFC and GS. 
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