Monday, August 26, 2013

Hybrid Model Rolls On...8.26.13

I've mentioned before that the Hybrid model leadership of silver and gold was in danger of collapse following its recent parabolic rise.  In early going today those issues did in fact turn negative but late day selling in equities apparently drove money into those issues and they once again reached short term highs.

The Hybrid model has made some very impressive gains over the past 90 days and 30 days relative to SPY, but the TrendX of a top 2 sort indicates that overhead resistance has now been penetrated and odds favor a near term retracement...... so keeping the exit door close at hand is advised.

The chart shown in from the beta version of the new real time T11 platform, which includes not only a real time feed (no data fees), but both a TrendX and a Volatility Skew indicator to help gauge when positions should be vested and when cash is the more appropriate risk management strategy.
Note that the standard commodities model is also performing very well, while the default and X sector models basically tread water and continue to display down slope P6 signals.