Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Expect Volatility Ahead...12.17.13

The expected downswing continued throughout the day ahead to tomorrow's FED buzz. The DOW managed to eke out a few minutes of green time but ultimately all the majors closed in the red.
The SPY closed just slightly below the zero line (neutral). although the VIXEN was bearish for the last 45 minutes of the day.
Note the SPY TrendX chart on the right>>>>> we're back to support levels following Friday's pop.

In the lower SPY Trader charts the XIV actually rose into the end of the day...which is bullish in the face of tomorrow's high risk environment....and a bit of a surprise given the negative tone of the day.

A highly respected market tactician predicted that 2014 may see up to a 16% decline even in the face of apparently improving economic prospects.  Of course this is just one guy's spin but his argument does bear some thought.

Best of luck to everyone tomorrow.  The Mosaic models are all in cash until the dust settles.