Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SPY Weakness Continues..12.3.13

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It went from bad to worse for most of the markets today and the only saving grace was that fact that the close was considerably above the low of the day.  Based on three days of selling there is a mild oversold technical condition afoot but there's also plenty of downside potential if that's the way the market swings.

The SPY trader has now moved to the greatest possible bear alignment...SPY, SSO and XIV and all the STOPS have signaled CASH .
I'm showing both the pair charts to calrify how SPY reacts with SSO (A) and XIV (B).  The SPY/XIV pair was the earliest of the STOPS to signal danger but the SPY/SSO was close behind.
 Finally, the equity curves with the RSQ and P6 overlays. Note the alert to cash on the 27th as the P6 crossed over the ewuity line and then again as P6 crossed over the RSQ line... reinforcing the warning.