Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Volatility is Name of the Game...12.4.13

It was a wild ride on the markets today as trend momentum crossed the zero line several times before closing in the red (mostly due to a trap door opening in the last 5 minutes of the session).

For now we're still in CASH although the run up midday did reveal some buying potential (or was that short covering?).  Tomorrow will likely reveal the answer to that question as large traders now have an opportunity to effectively "reload" their positions from today and expose their true intentions.

Worries about FED tapering, moderated by luke warm projections for economic growth next year have supposedly created the recent market malaise but, truth be told, the talking heads are just that and none of them have any vested interest in your accounts or your always be suspicious of what the paid "experts" espouse and exert every effort to preserve your capital....that's my thinking  There's always someone out there who will say "I told you so" after a market pop or reversal, but hindsight (or hope) is not a great viewpoint for dealing with tomorrow.

To augment the new M6 and M3 software there are now three separate free access sites I've constructed on the freestockcharts platform.  Why 3?  Basically because each serves a different function and they really suck up the bandwidth so putting them all on one page would probably slow most computers down to crawl speed and seriously hamper the simultaneous use of multiple applications.

The first site looks at a SPY overview as well as the dynamics of each of the default M6 models...Small World, Schwab and VEGA (bullish). This site has been operational for 3 months and has just be updated with a new timescale and refined graphics.
Then there is a site dedicated exclusively to TrendX signals.
And there is a site dedicated to VIXEN setups, mostly attractive to intraday and swing traders.
Users can simply bookmark the sites and link to as desired.
Close each site at the end of the day or you may experience a data feed lock at startup the next day.
These 3 sites are provided to help examine the shorter term dynamics of the various models, the SPY and select ETFs such as XLE and EWG, which can be traded with the M3 SPY Trader platform.