Saturday, November 15, 2014

One Step at a Time.....11.15.14

We continue to see a daily ebb and flow of momentum reflecting lack of commitment and general uncertainty.  Geopolitics have (for now) taken a back seat in driving prices and the new catalyst (up or down) remains to be seen.
The TrendX continues to sit on an overhead resistance ledge and the daily NYAD (NYSE advance/decline) range has been abnormally narrow concluding may sessions close to the 1.00 or neutral point. Friday's session was odd in that both VXX and UPRO closed in the green....hypothetically impossible but that's the market for you.  The VIX dropped 2.5% in the last 3 minutes....bullish....but not supported by most other indicators.
We have a new signal for Monday on M3 and its a low probability bet ...but if it pans out the gains will be worth the gamble.
Hey!  Who said trading was easy?
XIV continues to act strangely, M3 booked some nice gains on it last Monday but the position was stopped out on Tuesday to preserve those gains.  The lower chart shows XIV's lackluster behavior.