Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Upside Breakout....11.18.14

We got the expected big move today and it was bullish.  The NYAD hit the highest level in 2 weeks and ushered in new highs all around.  We're now officially overbought with the index ETFs all reading 99%+ RSI2 and we've tightened our stop on UPRO for tomorrow's M3 play.
In the continuing head scratcher between XIV and UPRO, although XIV has a higher beta than UPRO the later once again managed to best XIV for intraday gains and M3 did a stellar job of detecting the nuance at yesterday's close.
I'm slowly learning not to second guess the M3 algorithms.  Sometimes its less confusing to just play the signal, enforce your stops and ignore my subjective cautionary risk assessments.