Monday, November 7, 2016

A 2-Fer Strategy and State Street Chart Updates...11.07.16

When Comey speaks the market reacts...of course he looks like a complete fool to both sides of the isle and those pending en mass FBI resignations will likely cascade although you, dear reader, will probably never hear about it.
Just in case you missed it this project Veritas tape is highly illustrative of how corrupt this election is.
Looked like a lot of short covering today so we'll see how tomorrow plays out before the votes get tallied.
Checking out the latest results of the M6 market's an idea.  Buy both models and you'll seldom go wrong.  This is different that a delta neutral strategy as we're vesting in the best raked momentum and mean reversion inputs from a full beta spectrum.
Not sure why I didn't pick up on this idea earlier but a tip of the hat to long time reader Carl W. for the idea. Note that the sorts are set for top #1 positions.
We'll look at a couple variations of this idea later in the week.
Also below....portions of the the latest State Street Advisors chart pack...for you entertainment.