Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Reading, Trader's Outlook and M11 market signal....11.21.16

There's a lot going on and here are 3 links you can spend some time with to help formulate both a short term and longer term trading strategy.
Up front is the Schwab weekly Trader's Outlook which, no surprise, is bullish both from a technical and seasonal viewpoint.
Next is Mauldin's reflections on what Trump is up against going forward (economically speaking.)
And finally the BOA trading prospects for the coming year along with supporting arguments for each.
The later 2 articles require some time to digest and the BOA article is best viewed with a companion trading screen standing by to review past performance and current positions of the inputs cited.
Following are the current M11 market outlook and a teaser from Mauldin's piece on how Congress spends your money....there may be a few surprises here.