Monday, November 14, 2016

A New Daily Feature....11.14.16

Here's a real time version of the M11 Market model using the momentum mode and a top 2 sorting (equally vested in the top 2 ranked positions).  This is a bit different than the older M!! end of day model and offers a wider view of the markets than the M6 Market model.  Going forward we'll post the pre close update of M11 RT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Ponzo updates will be posted on Tuesday and VDX updates on Thursday.  Inevitably there will be scheduling glitches that may derail this schedule but for now this is the plan.
Note the new metric showing # of win days for M11 versus the SPY benchmark.  We'll explore how and why this trading strategy works in upcoming posts.  All limit stops are set for .7% .
Also note the 2 Day Stop Alert is now at a Risk On crossing point.