Saturday, October 13, 2012

T3 Update.. 10.13.12

Above are some excerpts from Friday evenings Worden Bros report TC2000).  It helps to put the week's action in perspective and affirms my cautionary outlook going forward.

And here's the T 3 update for Monday's rebalance:
Note that we have a whole new top 3 from last Friday's close with a heavy empahsis on bonds and the safety of XLU (utilities).  This skew is emphasized by the #4 slot, which is also bonds.  Equities and gold are clearly showing selling pressure and the DB long signals in SPY, XLE and QQQ are highly suspect at this point and likely driven by the Thursday early market pop based on employment figures (which did not hold into the close). 
TLT has now risen to #1 slot, completing a taverse from #11 to #1 in just 4 days...about as fast as it gets. As mentioned in yesterday's post, TLT still has open Long signals with the MRSI and GS2 systems so the DB exit signal was not a happy situation although the 10.5 - 10.11 trade did book $.74 or about .6%... the open TLT position is ahead about $ 2.63 or 2.2%.