Tuesday, October 16, 2012

T3 Update..10.16.12

 We have tentative EXITs on the current SPY and XLE Longs as of 8:00 am PST.  We've seen these signals cancel by the end of the day in past triggers and if that happens an ALERT update will be posted about 12:45 PST.

The SPY, XLE and QQQ Long signals looked pretty far fetched when they fired but as of today's action SPY and QQQ are up about 1% and XLE is up 1.3%. 

TLT has so far not proven to be a great pick for Monday's top 3 rotation although it made up ground on Monday but is faltering badly today.  
On a performance basis the T3 model is neck and neck with SPY on a 5 and 30 day lookback.
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