Monday, July 28, 2014

End of Month Push?....7.28.14

A rather stunning reversal during the course of the day on all the indices and XIV in particular.
We started the day firmly in the bear camp and ended the day in the green.
Not all sectors joined the rally but utilities enjoyed a nice push...which is typically bearish, but this is not a typical market.
Here's a few views of the new M3....all new algorithms on both the momentum and auto-stop sides.
Although the model only looks back 6 months I've also shown a 2 year performance report to get a better perspective on how the model has behaved longer term.  Going forward the default model will be shown with the auto-stop in the ON position.  The 2 year equity chart below also shows there is still room to enhance returns with discretionary application of the RSQ and P6 stops.