Thursday, July 17, 2014

REALLY Bad News.....7.17.14

Right out of the box you knew it was going to be bad.  Rumors that Yellen's liquidating personal market holdings and the news that Ukrainian Separatists may have shot down a Malaysia airliner with over 300 folks on board sent a chill through the markets that only got worse as the day wore on.
The VIX rose almost 40% in the afternoon session and XIV took its biggest hit ever with a 9.5% decline.
Conspiracy bloggers noted how convenient today's plunged appeared...yesterday was expiration for hundreds of thousands of VIX options which expired worthless.  Had today's events occurred yesterday a lot of VIX call holders would be a lot, lot richer.  That's the market for you.
Today's drop definitely put the scare into a lot of traders and if the trend follows the classic 3 day buy/sell cycle then there's more to come.
Technically the SPY and XIV TrendX charts are approaching support levels...that's on the positive side.
Even XLU utilities took a hit, unusual for a red wave, but the metals GLD and SLV soared.
I'm listening to the evening financial news and the analyst just said, "I don't see any cause for concern; there's a tragedy somewhere in the world every day.  This one was just high profile enough to rattle the markets".
Quite a rattle.