Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Pause, Maybe a Bottom....10.16.14

The markets started out ugly with the NYAD at .08, the lowest level in 8 months and usually a level associated with exhaustion selling...unless we're in a bear market and then all bets are off.
The SPY was struggling to make up ground today and 10 minutes pre-close it was in the green.  It didn't hold and there was a usual mini-selloff in the last 30 minutes.....although the NYAD was actually rising.
All sorts of technical conflicts in the current market milieu make forecasting a tough game.  For now we'll just follow the M3 signals...VXX was stopped out yesterday at 41.90 and we're now in cash although the M3 signal is bearish.  A lot of earnings tomorrow before the bell, including GE.  Those reports will likely set the tone for the day and perhaps into next week.