Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ponzo's View of QQQ....10.30.14

Peter Ponzo is an interesting financial academician that most traders have never heard of. Nevertheless he has produced a huge body of market research over many years of tenure and the Time machine is one of his most provocative studies. It looks back X years and searches for price patterns that match a current time increment.  For example, looking at the recent 25 week price pattern what are the likelihoods of price patterns for the next 25 weeks based on what's happened previously when the current 25 week pattern has presented.  Huh?
 Just read that over a couple times and you'll get the idea.
We looked at SPY the other day and here's the view for QQQ.>>.  Note the odds for each scenario.
The Time Machine doesn't tell you which scenario is going to transpire but simply provides a "what if" odds snapshot of volatility and timing.