Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Trap Door Opens...10.15.14

Dow down 400, VIX up 34%...that was the scenario in early going this morning.  NOW everyone's worried about Ebola? No faith in the CDC?  Or maybe the rubber finally hit the road for the risk intolerant as volume ballooned and the advance /decline line retreated to the sub teen levels.

There was considerable recovery into the close although all the major indices closed in the red.
Is the worst over?  I suspect the slew of upcoming earnings reports may answer that question.
Meanwhile, the M3 site has just about been revamped to reflect the 6 input Long/short format and we're about to go active this weekend after some final testing.  It was a wild ride with VXX today (described on the M3 site update today) and we've managed to book some nice gains with little risk.