Thursday, December 11, 2014

Massive XIV / SPY Disparity...12.11.14

The markets continue wild gyrations with massive volatility swings. The VIX finished up 8% for the day, up 5% in the last 15 minutes and completely reversed from its early session -11% status.
At one point midsession SPY was up over 1% and VXX was up 3%....hypothetically impossible but the markets never fail to confound even the most battle scarred traders and today was one for the books.  After hours XIV was down a buck and VXX was up a similar amount while SPY, DIA. QQQ and IWM were all down +/- .50.  Tomorrow could be ugly as the XIV premium chart has gone deep into the red.  On the optimistic (bullish) side the SPY TrendX (right side panel) is at oversold levels.
Just remember capital preservation is job one.