Tuesday, December 30, 2014

VIX Resolves....12.30.14

The VIX / XIV correlation divergence noted yesterday got resolved in favor of VIX today.
Despite low volume and a narrow advance/decline line the current M3 / LM indicators are bearish for tomorrow.
The revised M3 home site is now complete and details about the new M3/LM product can be viewed there. New subscriptions after Jan 10th will be $50/month.  Current subscribers will receive the current rate,
XIV should be at old highs given SPY strength but it continues to falter relative to the VIX (see chart below) and the TrendX chart (right side panel) is suggesting we may be in for a pullback.  We've seen this type of stepback off new highs before, which may extend for several days.
On the other hand here we are again at month's end (typically bullish) so the pullback may just be a gaming play by some big players to create a more attractive buying environment.