Saturday, December 20, 2014

XIV's Stability in Question AND a NEW M3.....12.20.14

While the markets have enjoyed a tremendous surge XIV has faltered badly in comparison and the chart below shows the price/volatility disconnect that I've mentioned several times before.
Since M3 is designed to be adaptable I'm rolling out new versions of M3 now, one with volatility ETNs and one without.  Both models will be posted on a daily basis on the M3 site with limit stop values posted after the close.
These new versions of M3 embody considerable testing and retesting and are designed to be simple to implement both in terms of execution and money management.
The layout are also simplified and contain all the essential metrics and charts necessary to understand the current model rankings.  There's no second guessing the models...just enter the appropriate stops.
Here's a comparison of the M3 and M3R models using the limit stops of 2 and 1.5% respectively.
Starting in 2015 subscription rates for new subscribers will rise to $50/month.
Current subscribers' rate will remain at $30/month.