Monday, September 14, 2015


Good presales reports for APPLE phones were positive but lousy economic productivity reports from China (down 2% overnight) made for a quick pop and drop market that basically went nowhere in slow motion and on very thin volume.  SPY finished the day dead on the pivot as the HFT robots were probably responsible for about 85% of today's volume versus the usual 72-77%. We're likely to be range bound tomorrow also and we get closer to the 17th....insiders and those who think they are insiders will make some moves that may betray the FED's thinking and the trend of the next couple months.  What's not clear... and I have not yet seen a concise risk analysis offered by anyone... is what sectors will profit and.or suffer depending on the FED's actions. Financials will certainty be hurt if the FED's don't raise and tech is likely to benefit if they don't but other than that I'm not sure how a modest .25% interest rate pop will significantly effect the current market malaise.