Monday, November 23, 2015

Changes to Mosaic format and Products...11.23.15

Recent discussions with my major fund investors have led to the decision to scale back future internet postings and instead focus on managing our hedge fund.
In response to the many inquiries about access to the software that drives these Mosaic posts we are making various programs available to users for a limited time.  Periodic updates will be included with all products as will technical support via either email, phone or Skype for international users.
The current Mosaic product lineup is shown here.
For the real time M3 platform we have included a TLT (30 year treasuries) benchmarked version as an option for those that prefer to trader the fixed income realm.
Got questions?  Drop me a line and I'll try and answer them.
For now here's The weekend update of the TLT VDX chart.  With a rate hike all but guaranteed in December TLT and its 2X inverse TBT may be a fountain of opportunity.
Here's what the actual M3 TLT platform looks like.  Easy toggle between MN and MR modes.