Saturday, November 28, 2015

VDX Updates and Site Changes....11.28.15

The response to the Mosaic software offerings has been great.
I hope there's something in the mix that will help boost your bottom line and limit your risk exposure regardless of how or what you trade.
VDX has been the most popular file, followed by the M3 SPY. which can easily be converted to a delta neutral platform.
Thanks to all for the support.  Going forward the Newsletter will focus much more on the nuances of the various Mosaic software platforms and less on general market dynamics.

This week's VDX updates reveal some weakness in index momentum.  We're looking forward to Monday's Ponzo update to provide some guidance going forward.
The relatively good news is that IWM (Russell)(not shown) is outperforming both SPY and QQQ although it could be argued that's just momentum catch-up.  Barron's is skeptical about IWM's resilience in this week's edition  but only time will tell.
Thanksgiving week is historically bullish and some high profile signal services found themselves on the wrong end of Wednesday's and Friday's trades.
China (FXI) took a big hit end of this week and utilities (XLU) are once again kissing oversold levels.We're keeping a close eye on the transports (IYT).  If they fall off the ledge again it does not bode well for the overall market.