Wednesday, November 25, 2015

M6 Real Time Special.....11.25.2015

The format of the M3 site will change starting next week so I can devote more time to managing the LQB hedge fund as well as fulfilling programming requests from various retail and professional traders.
The Newsletter will continue going forward and in response to requests from current readers I'm making several of  the Mosaic software formats available for a limited time.
In observance of Black Friday we'll offer the brand new M6 real time model for $ 350...which will include a free copy of the MoDX (VDX) platform.
If you already own M6 end of day the upgrade to real time plus the MoDX file is $80.
The M6 RT and upgrade store buttons will appear starting tomorrow and are good for 10 days only.
Click once on the dashboards below to expand views.
Above is the real time momentum model..Below is the mean reversion version.
Inputs are at user discretion. A simple 2 click process allows users to switch between the 2 versions.