Monday, March 21, 2016

TLT and the Bond Mix....03.21.16

Checking on the technical status of TLT reveals M1 setting up for a buy on the mean reversion mode...which has proven more reliable than the momentum mode. And, following the previous posting of the M11 bond mix here a composite look a the individual bond charts.
Note that all have upslope RSQ lines expect HYG and JNK... the 2 recent high flyers that look to be hitting exhaustion levels.
Here's an eye opener article regarding the assumed safety of bonds....depends on whether you're long or short.  And, just in case you doubted the scale of current market manipulation just note that VIX is currently up 1 % and XIV (the VIX ETN inverse) is up 2%.  I mention this head scratching situation only because one of the respected $1200/year advisory services that I follow advised 100% long VXX this morning (currently down 2%).  Caveat emptor.