Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Financials..Momentum or Mean Reversion?....09.14.16

Thinking today about the state of the financials I checked the latest sorts of the M11 components of XLF.(SPDR Financial Sector ETF) ... looking at the results and current equity curve and Stop Alerts for the mean reversion versus momentum modes.  Below are the results.
Now if rates are really going to rise then the financials should be one of the prime beneficiaries as they'll be able to gouge the public with even higher interest rates than presently.  So why have the financials been just stumbling along?  Maybe the whole rate scare is just a ploy to drive volatility. Next Wednesday we'll watch the markets go through the usual wild gyrations as the FED either announces or hints at their intentions and until then expect the financials to stay volatile.
Note that thiese are top 2 sorts with  0.7% is set as the limit stop on all inputs's the surprise....BAC and JPM come up #1 and #2  in both mean reversion and momentum modes.