Saturday, September 17, 2016

VDX Updates, Trader's Oulook , EWG and DN Upgrade....09.17.16

The VDX updates this week reveal the divergences in the VDI (Least in SPY) and suggest a bullish, less volatile screnario ahead....after Wednesday's long awaited FED pronouncement of course...which will be volatile. TLT remains unstable as factors discussed last week continue to percolate.
Trader's Outlook shares this view although Randy's take is more volatile. And to be fair, we typically do take a couple days to shake off the FED days as traders on the wrong side of the markets on FED day try to recoup losses and winners tend to expand their bets.
Below the VDX charts a note from the Schwab options desk on Friday regarding a huge new put position on EWG  (Germany ETF). The MVP screen for shown below that....not a big money maker but clearly a risk mitigator.
Responding to a number of inquiries I've added an option to get the full new DN delta neutral platform for $80 if you're already a Mosaic user.   This is good until the end of the month.