Saturday, September 24, 2016

VDX Updates Argue for Renewed Volatility...09.24.16

Monday's Presidential Debate is predicted to be most heavily watched TV event in history.  I hope they have a good half time show to break up the excitement..In the meantime the VDX momentum skew is geared to neutral with a downside edge while volatility (VIX) is poised to rise once again.
Trader's Outlook has a similar view based on somewhat different criteria.
On the other hand...we are approaching the end of the month (85% bullish) and the Fall season, which has historically included the strongest months of the year.  That bet hasn't worked 100% of the time and there have been a few notable exceptions but for now the advance/decline line continues to rise and although the FED meets in November there will be no press conference or minutes no repeat of last Wednesday's fun.....we'll just have to wait until December for more rate hike gyrations.