Monday, May 20, 2013

T2 Default Struggles to Keep Pace...5.20.13

Posting is late today.  A broken water pipe in the kitchen kept me at home working with the plumber to contain the damage before a $200 problem became a $2000 problem.

OK, Back to the real world.
Markets are under pressure this morning.
How long can this rally keep going?  Every dip seems like a buying opportunity.
It's anybody's guess when the momo will end and not a few "smartest guys in the room" have lost fortunes recently betting against this market.
Best guidance is generally to follow the trend and be prepared to exit when stops triggers.  Sound familiar?
T2 still likes QQQ and IWM, with XLE looking to keep in close contention if we look at the 4 month charts.
Bonds just can't get any traction, although today's pop in gold may signal a positive move in that issue at least short term.
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