Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SA Update.. 5.22.13

At the beginning of the year I mentioned a stock portfolio created by the Seeking Alpha group...its all stocks and not the usual focus of my ETF explorations, but reader interest prompts me to update the results.
Since stocks tend to be considerably more volatile than ETFs we should expect the drawdown metrics to be more unstable than the benchmark SPY.....this does not appear to be the case with this particular group of stocks.
Just for amusement I've noted a top 1 sort and a top 2 sort.  Over the longer term the #1 ranked stocks tend to have "runs" that typically last 5 to 10 days, although O's  (Realty Income) recent run extended 30 days and CSCO's previous run was 45 days, so frequent trading of positions, while expected, is not necessarily a function of the portfolio.
And now a top 2 sort.  Click once on each chart to enlarge and clarify.