Thursday, May 9, 2013

T6 Weekly with XLU...5.9.13

This is a version of the T6 weekly model using XLU (top study) in lieu of SDY (bottom study) posted . 
The study uses a top 2 sort the results display a reduced drawdown and greater linearity for XLU.
Reflecting the recent run up in the market the last 6 months the sorts have lagged the SPY while the 2 and 7 year results have been on par with SPY with dramatically lower drawdown.
Looking back over the past 4 months the top 2 holdings have been SPY and XLU, so not a lot of trading required here. Ditto for the SDY version.

I've made a few changes to the T6 weekly model and will be emailing out to all registered users this weekend.  The momentum algorithm has been smoothed a little to reflect the weekly bar timeframe but is basically the same as the original version.  The metrics panel has been modified a bit, a one year lookback added and some behind the scenes technical alignments have been refined.
Click once on charts to clarify and enlarge.