Tuesday, May 28, 2013

X Sector Focus on XRT and XLF

A tremendous pop at the open today reflected high consumer confidence reports, accompanied by data indicating the highest housing prices in 7 years. 
This rosy scenario is reflected in our T2 X sector model showing retail (XRT) and financials (XLF) leading the momentum pack.  There's not a lot of difference between XLY, XLP and XRT...they all relate to consumer buying...but XRT tends to display a bit more juice than the more diluted staples and discretionary based ETFs.

Last week's selling has been reversed with today's gains and bonds are hitting new lows.
Gold is in a tight trading range despite some high volatility days...so its a traders game on that issue.
The VIX is surprisingly high at 13.75....based on on uber bull action today we should expect readings in the low to mid 12s...generally a sign that substantial hedging is at work under the surface. 

The new T6 version 6 Lab file will be going out this morning.
A little delay over the weekend  target date due to some computer problems but those issues are now resolved and we're back on track.