Friday, May 24, 2013

T6 Bullish Model Rolls Over...5.24.13

The market pullback this week has triggered the P6 and RSQ stops in both the all in (top 6) and top 2 versions of the T6 Bullish model. 

Despite positive fundamental news there's underlying concerns that the S&P has reached a technical high and is overdue for a pullback.  Pullback volume has been light and we  haven't seen the advance/decline line (NYAD) crumble to single digits....the usual indicator of true selling so we're still in a wait and see mode.
Nevertheless, from a capital preservation standpoint, closing the top 2 T6 and assuming a cash position at least temporarily was signaled 2 days ago.

Note that there have been some refinements to T6, including a 1 year metric, and the new version will be sent to all users over the weekend as a complement to the longer term T6 weekly platform.