Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Schwab Commission Free Model..9.26.13

Here's a little 6 component model using SPY and 5 Schwab commission free ETFs.  The algorithm is the same as the old 6 component VTV model so those of you who purchased that software can import these symbols and derive the same performance results.
The beauty of this model is of course the commission free deal from Schwab.  According to Schwab tech support you can't day trade these for free but on a day to day trading basis they are indeed commission free.
The old VTV model didn't have all these embedded money management stops but the new generation of Mosaic will be available in a couple weeks at a modest cost for those who want to take advantage of the TrendX and P6 risk management tools.
The 4 signals are currently in consensus with CASH ( as reflected in the 5 day return metrics which reflect a vested position.)