Tuesday, September 10, 2013

X Sectors...9.10.13

Continuing gains have put the X sector model on an upslope cross of the RSQ equity line although a quick check of the short term metrics panel revealed that SPY has actually declined a bit over the past 30 days..  The new P6 kiss is a bullish indicator and suggests further upside may be in order. 

Much of the recent market enthusiasm has been widely attributed to the delay in a Syrian attack that would produce consequences of unknown proportions.  This is a market that wants to go up...... but
We'll have to see how the President's message on Syria will be received at Wednesday's open. 
Best guess is that the markets will hold until there are actually missiles in the air...then...its anybody's guess.

Work on the currency/country model is proceeding and a full new T11 portfolio will be presented tomorrow.