Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ALPHA Update ..9.25.13

First, here's a new companion Mosaic site featuring real time TrendX charts of a number of Mosaic model components.  There a lot of bandwidth here so it may take a minute to load and you may have to upload the silverlight plug-in if you haven't done so already.

Meanwhile the markets continue in a slow down churn, displaying the irksome "trap door" pattern along the way.   We're approaching the end of the month....typically a bullish window...and with short term overbought conditions prevailing the markets are due for a pop.  This may cause the classic short covering response thus further pushing the ,markets up for a few days..
Just keep an eye on the SPY and XIV short term TrendX charts. .

The ALPHA model is suggesting a VESTED position status may be near ....contingent of course on NO govt. shutdown and some semblance of peace in the Mid East.