Thursday, October 10, 2013

New 6 ETF Models...10.10.13

Hope springs eternal today as traders are betting that cool heads will prevail in Washington and we'll get back to business as usual.
Days like this are always instructive for short term traders since they provide a good look at where the buying energy (or short selling) is strongest and momentum is likely to persists for at least a few days.

In the meantime, while we wait out an actual resolution of the current financial squabbles, here is the suite of three 6 ETF models that can be plugged into the T6 platform.  I've talked about most of them already in previous posts but there have been a few refinements along the way and release of the new version of the Mosaic platform is fast approaching to help users identify money management thresholds.

Don't forget about the new TrendX charts site where you can track the short term performance of each of these 3 models in real time as well as check out the current SPY behavior.

VEGA...a volatility based model that uses a top 3 sort to better track underlying market momentum.

SMALL WORLD...benchmarked against SPY it looks for opportunities in emerging and foreign markets.

SCHWAB No Fee...also benchmarked against SPY it looks for opportunities in a select portfolio of Schwab commission free ETFs.  There are over 100 Schwab no fee ETFs but volume is tiny in all but a handful and these are some of the most active, with low spreads and quick execution.  Yes, you have to have a Schwab account to get the fees waived, but for smaller accounts the no fee deal makes a lot of sense.