Saturday, October 19, 2013

SMALL WORLD Update... 9.18.13

We haven't looked at the SMALL WORLD model for almost 2 weeks so here's how equity fared during the govt. shutdown.  It actually performed pretty much in line with SPY although a closer exam of  the results shows momentum was concentrated on the first few days of the shutdown, which has gradually flattened out and which now looks headed for a pullback per the TrendX.

The point of using multiple portfolios of course is to rotate capital into those sectors or in this case countries that may be performing better than the S&P.

In hindsight its easy to say we just should have stayed vested,,,but there could have been a much different scenario than the current new highs and if that had transpired a vested position would be the last place anyone would want to be.

I thought I had created a nifty model using Fidelity no fee ETFs.  Unfortunately, it turns out that the highly touted Fidelity no fee offerings only refer to the buy side of the transaction and the program is geared towards longer term investors.  If positions are closed within 30 days transaction costs are assessed.
From this perspective the SCHWAB no fee offerings are much more attractive.