Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WORLD Update ...10.8.13

Another down day with some nasty selling at the close...which is typically NOT a good omen for the following day unless the boys in Washington somehow regain their sanity and get on with the business of funding the government without the partisan politics that have hampered a solution so far.

At the open it looked like we might have a little buying but the trap door opened and it was all a guessing game from there.

Its important to keep in mind that there are extremely well heeled prop shops out there who can literally manipulate the market trend for short periods of time.  Don't believe it?  Believe it.  I've actually spent time with some of these guys and this is their bread and butter...pushing a stock up with minimal buying so they can sell a much larger existing portfolio of the stock...all at your expense.

Nothing personal...its just business...and the SEC can't do much about it.

Meanwhile the ripple effect of the US economy uncertainty is starting to kick in the WORLD model.
Although EWM looked like it was going to buck the trend the fact is that with today's close all 11 components ended in the red and all have downslope P6 money management stops except EWM...which is flat...so not an opportune time to get VESTED.